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TeraLock is a user-friendly variable length security seal designed with high breaking strengths in mind. A stainless steel locking jaw provides a smooth locking action and is fixed in place with a heat welded cap to enhance security.


  • Cash-in-transit bags
  • Truck & trailer doors
  • Postal bags
  • Tote bags & roll cages

Key Features

  • Enhanced security as it does not stain, corrode or rust easily compared to ordinary steel
  • Locking mechanism cap is permanently welded to prevent tamper attempts
  • User-friendly and gentle on hands


  • Breaking strength of 45kg-f
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures from -20°C to 60°C
  product code strap length strap width strap thickness tag size
TeraLock 300 TR30NA 300mm 7.0mm 1.7mm 23mm x 50mm
TeraLock 300 Long Tag TR30NB 300mm 7.0mm 1.7mm 23mm x 50mm
TeraLock 400 TR40NA 400mm 7.0mm 1.7mm 23mm x 70mm
TeraLock 400 Long Tag TR40NB 400mm 7.0mm 1.7mm 23mm x 70mm

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