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The AnchorLock is a low-profile, crimp-free security seal ideal for sealing small locking holes in tight spaces. Application is simple and quick, and its tool-free design eschews the need for the costly investment of crimping pliers.


  • Utility meters
  • Telecommunications
  • Taxi meters
  • Petroleum (LPG)

Key Features

  • Serial numbers are printed on both the seal encapsulation and inner mechanism to prevent tampering by switching the locking mechanism with a similar replacement
  • Double array design enhances security by adding additional locks for someone to circumvent the locking mechanism, increasing difficulty and time taken to tamper with the seal
  • Transparent polycarbonate body exposes tampering attempts and allows the inner serial number to be read


  • Housing is made of transparent polycarbonate while the locking mechanism is made of high impact polystyrene
  product code wire diameter dimensions (unlocked) dimensions (locked)
AnchorLock AC95 0.95mm 32mm x 18mm x 7mm 25mm x 18mm x 7mm

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