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Byno Seal


The evolution of the Sky Seal has lead to Byno Seal. A smooth and flexible double strap for easier handling. Transparent cap cover helps to reveal any evidence of tampering made to the stainless steel locking jaw.


  • Domestic containers
  • Trucks
  • Bags
  • Boxes

Key Features

  • Average 26kg-f breaking strength
  • 2.2mm thick by 4.4mm wide strap
  • Laser engraved and hot-stamping marking options available
  • Stainless steel jaw
  • Polypropylene body



  strap length strap width strap thickness tag size
Byno Seal 250 250mm 2.2mm 4.4mm 45mm x 24mm
Byno Seal 300 300mm 2.2mm 4.4mm 45mm x 24mm

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