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RotatoSeal 3


The RotatoSeal 3 has a large flag suitable for barcode or simple additional markings. Like our other RotatoSeal variants, it is a crimp-free security seal suitable for sealing small locking access point. No costly investment of crimpling pliers because of its tool-free design.

The design incorporates a large tab to allow easy application of the seal by twisting.

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  • Utility meters
  • Transport meters
  • Gas & fuel meters
  • Telephones
  • Utility boxes

Key Features

  • Made of polycarbonate for durability and impact resistance.
  • Breakable acetal locking mechanism.
  • Twisted metal wire provides tamper evidence while its nylon coating provides a user-friendly touch for ease-of-application.
  • Transparent body allows visual inspection of the seal's locking mechanism to confirm proper application.
  • 0.65mm diameter wire cable with pre-cut 300mm length as standard.


  • Various colour
  • Logo and other markings
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcode & QR codes

Minimum order quantity required.



  wire diameter wire length tag dimension twist tab size barrel dimensions barrel height shop link
RotatoSeal 3 0.65mm including coating 300mm 22mm x 16mm 13mm x 7.8mm 16.8mm x 13.7mm 17.8mm (when twist tab is broken off)



Recyclable plastic abs other Recyclable plastic pp

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