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The SecureCart is designed for quick and effortless application, eliminating the need for any tools during sealing, and a tear off for easy removal. Ideal choice for securing first aid cabinets, carts, and trolleys.


  • Carts & trolleys
  • First aid cabinets
  • ATM cassettes
  • Security cabinets & containers
  • Luggage & travel bags
  • Utility, meters & valves

Key Features

  • Easily sealed and removed with no tools necessary.
  • One handed operation when applying.
  • Tear off for easy removal.
  • Tag holder.
  • Excellent option for high volume application.


  • Various colour
  • Logo and other markings
  • Laser engraved / Hot stamped
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes & QR codes (laser)

Minimum order quantity required.



  min. locking hole diameter dimensions tag dimensions shop link
SecureCart 6.0mm 45mm x 49mm 24mm x 16mm  


Recyclable plastic pp

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