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RadioSecure SLJ cable system


The RadioSecure™ SLJ e-seal system leverages the ability of the SLM to detect when its cable is removed or cut.

This allows long cables to be used to seal tautliners or flatbed trailers. Cables are threaded through buckles to reduce the number of seals required to secure tarpauling curtains. To make longer lengths less cumbersome, SLJ junction boxes can be employed as many times as required along the length of the truck, dividing a long run into multiple shorter cables

If any section of the cable is disconnected or cut, the SLM will send an unseal event to the servers for logging and immediate alert for attention.


  • Tautliners/Side curtain trucks
  • Flatbed trailers

Key Features

  • Breaking load of 645kgf
  • Cable diameter of 3.5mm
  • May be used with a reusable 70mm H-Bolt to accept a plastic pull-tight seal or cable seal, or for additional security a bolt seal may be used.


  • Pull strength of 660kg
  • Tensile strength of 1,000kg
  • Cut strength of 800kg
  dimensions vibration & shock temperature tolerance humidity tolerance
SLJ junction box 95mm x 68mm x 40mm MIL-STD-810-F -20°C to +70°C 95% non condensing
SLM header (cable head) 12mm diameter      
SLM locking end (cable head) 3.5mm diameter      
SLJ header (cable head) 8mm diameter      

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