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UnoLock 1


The UnoLock 1 is the ideal seal for sealing shipping containers. With a pull load of 1,000kg, matching seal and pin numbers and tamper evident pin coating, the UnoLock is a very high security barrier seal.

A specialised viewing window on the barrel magnifies the seal markings for easier reading.


  • Shipping containers
  • Trucks
  • Rail freight

Key Features

  • Total seal number encapsulation with non-rotatable pin insertion
  • Matching seal number on pin and barrel for tighter security control
  • Entire plastic enclosure for the barrel and pin is made of hard durable SAN plastic to reveal evidence of any attempts at tampering
  • Hardened steel locking mechanism is enclosed in a heavy-duty plastic barrel
  • All material components are zinc coated to protect against environmental attack


  • Can withstand a pull load of minimum 1,000kg
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to 110°C
  product code barrier diameter locking distance locking diameter pin diameter
UnoLock 1 UL806 25mm 48mm 9mm to 19mm 6.0mm
This product is currently end-of-line or discontinued. We recommend EnaBolt 2a as an alternative.

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