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Cable ties & Marker ties


Our speciality ties comes in various styles, colors and size. Used for fastening, bundling, or identifying in a variety of applications. Made of high quality nylon, and options for UV stabilised.




  • Bags & Boxes
  • Home & Garden
  • Office & Warehouse
  • Asset indentification
  • Safety inspection notes
  • Equipment tagging


  • Various colours
  • Logo and other markings
  • Hotstamping
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes & QR codes

Minimum order quantity required.

Marker ties

Marker Ties

  description product code material  
4.6mm x 200mm tag size: 13mm x 28mm CT46200MK nylon
5.5mm x 175mm tag size: 11mm x 36.5mm CT55175MK nylon
5.5mm x 300mm tag size: 11mm x 54mm CT55300MK nylon  

Cable Ties

  description product code material  
2.5mm x 100mm clear natural, black CT25100 nylon  
2.5mm x 100mm coloured CT25100_CLR nylon  
2.5mm x 150mm clear natural, black CT25150 nylon  
4.8mm x 200mm clear natural, black CT48200 nylon  
4.8mm x 200mm coloured CT48200_CLR nylon  
4.8mm x 250mm clear natural, black CT48250 nylon  
4.8mm x 300mm clear natural, black CT48300 nylon  
4.8mm x 300mm coloured CT48300 nylon  

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