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Immer Seal


Immer Seal is a hybrid metal and plastic body cable seal that features a discrete size without compromising on high security. The locking housing is manufactured from corrosive resistant zinc with ABS plastic body. The cable is made from steel that will splay when the cable is cut.


  • Tanker trucks
  • Utility meters & valves
  • Roll cages
  • Recycled water taps

Key Features

  • Cables are made from steel and will splay upon cutting thereby preventing rejoining
  • Easy to pull-through locking mechanism will lock upon insertion and prevent pull-back


  • Average breaking strength over 225kgs
  • Seals are laser engraved with a variety of custom printing options
  • Cable length available in 200mm, and 300mm


  • Various lengths
  • Colour
  • Logo printing
  • Other markings
  • Barcode, QR codes
  • Serial numbers

Minimum order quantity required.



  product code wire length wire diameter breaking strength locking head dimensions
Immer Seal 200 IMMERX200 200mm 1.5mm 225kgf 30.2mm x 18.6mm x 7.45mm
Immer Seal 300 IMMERX300 300mm 1.5mm 225kgf 30.2mm x 18.6mm x 7.45mm

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