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e-Lock Gold

Australian mobile network compatibility is being implemented.


Electronic seals are ideal for securing doors and latches where frequent access is needed. The e-Lock Gold resembles the e-Lock Standard in that it has a stainless steel cable and an LED display for displaying the randomised serial numbers. The resemblances end there, as the e-Lock Gold features a SIM card slot and GPS receiver.

The e-Lock Gold is able to send an alert when the seal is opened, or the cable is cut. It's optionally able to transmit its GPS location at preset intervals for vehicle tracking.


  • Truck or van doors
  • Containers

Key Features

  • Penta band GSM communication
  • GPS receiver for determining real time location
  • Logs GPS location at preset intervals and will queue them for sending later in areas of poor network reception
  • Will send an alert when battery is low so it can be recharged
  • Bright 5 digit LED display illuminates for easy reading, even at night
  • A spring lock holds the plug in place for fast and easy access
  • Sealing pin has a 4mm hole, capable of insertion of a pull-tight seal or cable seal for additional security


  • USB rechargable battery with enough capacity to send 1500 messages
  • Fixed to truck doors with four M6 screws, but can be fitted with a magnetic plate for quick and easy removal. This can be paired with an optionally installed sensor that will alert when removed from its plate
  • AISI 316 (marine grade) stainless steel cable
New v2 e-Lock Gold coming soon.
  weight dimensions cable diameter
e-Lock Gold 1000 grams 106mm x 156mm x 38mm 3.5mm

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