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The BubbleTag is the core of the authentication system.

With BubbleTag you can ensure the integrity of any items - digital or physical - that they are authentic and unique.


  • Identity
  • Data security
  • Brand protection
  • Security seals

Key Features

  • BubbleTag allows authentication of card by visual comparison (human readable)
  • or by an optical reader (machine readable)
  • There is an option of conveniently storing the data on BubbleTag's internet connected secure server, or an in-house solution may be installed for flexibility, security, privacy and integrity
  • Can be purchased already pre-associated with serial number or without, for in-house storage

How does it work?

It's a polymer with self-generated bubbles frozen in place. These bubbles form a constellation that are unique and impossible to reproduce. The bubbles vary in size, depth, shape and position and make the probability of reproduction < 1/1080.

By themselves the bubbles don't do anything. But paired with a unique serial number, the two referenced with each other make the serial number truly unique, as the number is matched with an irreproducible BubbleTag.

How do you verify it?

The BubbleTags do not have serial numbers printed on them, but may come pre-associated with unique numbers, which should be printed on the item near the BubbleTag.

When the item is to be verified, the serial number (machine or human readable) is then referenced online via ProofTag's database (if already associated by ProofTag) or via an in-house system.

An image of the BubbleTag will appear and the physical and recorded BubbleTags should be compared and ensured that they match.

This method of authentication is a comparison by eye and is accessible by anyone, even without specialised equipment.

Can it be automated?

For situations where authentication is to be automated to reduce chances of human error or to increase the authentication speed, a specialised reader may be used. With the serial number entered in (through typing or via a machine reader - barcode or otherwise), images of the tag taken from various lighting angles, and the bubble arrangement is automatically compared with those on the database (online via ProofTag's database or in-house).

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