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Morse Watchmans KeyRing


The Morse® Watchmans KeyRing™ is made up of a reusable 3.97mm diameter stainless steel ring and a serial numbered, replaceable security hub.

The hub just fits onto a key ring and snaps shut without requiring tools. When the keys are to be removed, the hub is cut instead of the expensive metal ring.


  • Keys and key tracking systems

Key Features

  • Stamped serial numbered hubs prevent substitution and enables auditing
  • A variety of colours are available to encourage colour coding for easy indentification
  • Stainless steel rings are reusable to save costs - only the hub needs to be replaced when adding or removing keys



  product code ring diameter closed loop diameter shop link
KeyRing™ Extra Small KR15-15 3.97mm 40mm x 40mm
KeyRing™ Small KR15-20 3.97mm 40mm x 55mm
KeyRing™ Medium KR20-25 3.97mm 55mm x 60mm
KeyRing™ Large KR35-00 3.97mm 90mm x 90mm
KeyRing™ Extra Large KR45-00 3.97mm 115mm x 115mm  
  product code diameter length shop link
KeyRing™ Hub KH 14.5mm 22.1mm
SmartKey Vice SMARTKEY-VICE - -
Various keyring sizes available.
Various colours to help identify.
SmartKey Vice is the all round tool to help.

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