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Retail decorative seals & void labels


Perfect for packing and sealing all sorts of retail containers jars, tins, boxes, and bags. Available to customise in various sizes, colours and markings.

X-Safe Tamper Evident Labels are self-adhesive labels that void themselves when removed. A clearly visible void message appears upon peeling the label. An adhesive layer with a void message is left behind on the surface to show evidence of tampering. The adhesive layer may be cleaned off on some surfaces to allow reuse of the sealed object. The security label also exhibits the void message to prevent the reuse of the label. By leaving a void message on the surface, recipients will know that the object has been accessed and tampered with.


  • Small business
  • Restaurants, takeaway
  • Retail shops


  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Logo & other markings
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes & QR codes

Minimum order quantity required.

Key Features

  • Available in permanent (non-tamper evident), total-transfer & non-transfer type.
  • Can be easily personalised. Contact us for details!



  size shop link
X6050NT/TT-DXX 60mm x 50mm decorative
X6550NT/TT-DXX 65mm x 50mm decorative
XD32NT-ST 32mm round starburst-shaped
XD32NT-ST 52mm round starburst-shaped
customised sizes please enquire  
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