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PadLock 1


The PadLock 1 is a user-friendly seal with the semblance of a regular padlock. The shackle clicks in twice when inserted to ensure that it's been properly secured.

Proper application is confirmed by positive clicking and visual inspection through a transparent window (if clear plastic is used)

The seals may be customised with customer logo, and is able to be barcoded.


  • Poker and gaming machines
  • High security cabinets & containers
  • Cash boxes
  • Plastic distribution boxes
  • Vehicle doors
  • Bonded store doors

Key Features

  • Meets UK customs acceptance
  • Moulded in clear tinted or opaque SAN resin with 2 sets of locking arrows
  • Easily sealed
  • Specially designed chromed steel hasps prevent tampering
  • Optional notch or scoring on wire hasp to allow seal removal by hand


  • Suitable for temperatures ranging -20°C to 60°C
  • Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Natural colours available

Special notes



  product code body length body width thickness max. locking distance
PadLock 1 PL01AA 39mm 25mm 5mm 27mm
PadLock 1 dimensions


Made from recyclable plastic. Please ensure used seals are disposed correctly into proper bins.

Recyclable plastic other Recyclable steel

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