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BubbleCards are authentication cards which integrate an inexpensive and novel security feature known as BubbleTag. Unlike common authentication features such as holograms or UV inks that are all identical as they are mass produced, each and every BubbleTag provides a unique fingerprint and cannot be duplicated - even by the manufacturer of BubbleCard/Tag. Unlike other security features the BubbleCard is able to be authenticated both with or without specialised equipment, allowing the BubbleCard authentication system to be rolled out without expensive outlay of equipment.


  • Secured access control cards
  • Secured identification cards

Key Features

  • BubbleCard allows authentication of card by visual comparison (human readable)
  • or by an optical reader (machine readable)
  • BubbleCard plastic cards (PVC/PC/PET) are personalised with most dye-sublimation printers
  • BubbleCard paper cards is available as a kit of printable paper, a BubbleSeal and a plastic lamination sleeve.
  • As with every product featuring BubbleTag technology, there is an option of conveniently storing the data on BubbleTag's internet connected secure server, or an in-house solution may be installed for flexibility, security, privacy and integrity

How does it work?

The bubbles are self-generated in a polymer substance. The bubble constellations are unique and impossible to reproduce. Probability of reproduction < 1/1080

How do you verify it?

The seals are able to be verified visually by referencing the serial number to an online database.

A machine readable data matrix code may be used to lessen the chance of human error.

This method of authentication is a comparison by eye and is accessible by anyone, even without specialised equipment.

Can it be automated?

For situations where authentication is to be automated to reduce chances of human error or to increase the authentication speed, a specialised reader may be used. The data matrix is read, images of the tag taken from various lighting angles, and the bubble arrangement is automatically compared with those on the database. Readers may come in the form of radio enabled handheld readers or hardware components specially integrated into the authentication system.

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