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RFID labels


RFID label are similar to normal labels, but includes a wireless radio transponder that can hold digital information. A useful tool for tagging and tracking consumer products, monitoring inventories and handling other applications.

Delivers more advantages and functionality than barcoded or QR code solution. Labels can be read if passed near a reader, and does not need to have a line of sight. Unlike barcodes and QR codes, multiple RFID labels and tags can be read at a time.


  • Security applications & management
  • Inventory & supply chain management
  • Pharmaceuticals, medical devices & healthcare
  • Retail shop management
  • Customer engagement



Key Features

  • Use to track and manage inventory, assets and people
  • Highly efficient means of managing inventory


Integrators welcome. Contact us for more information.
  chip rfid type
12mm round   uhf
40mm x 18mm mr6 uhf
50mm x 50mm monza m4qt uhf
70mm x 18mm loop tag   uhf
73mm x 20mm   uhf
100mm x 25mm alien higgs 3 uhf
125mm x 7mm   uhf

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